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Posted July 21, 2021

  • Anthology Posted July 21, 2021

    Radicals: Audacious Writings by American Women - Volume 1, Ed. Meredith Stabel & Zachary Turpin, University of Iowa Press

    Radicals: Audacious Writings by American Women - Volume 2, Ed. Meredith Stabel & Zachary Turpin, University of Iowa Press

  • Fiction Posted July 21, 2021

    Angels in the Wind: A Mile High Noir, Manuel Ramos, Arte Publico Press

    The Anomaly, Hervé Le Tellier , Other Press

    Branching Out: International Tales of Brilliant Flash Fiction, Ed. Brilliant Flash Fiction Staff, Brilliant Flash Fiction

    Chola Salvation, Estella Gonzalez, Arte Publico Press

    Fabulae: Tales for an Age of Ambivalence, Laura Costas, The Hazel Tree

    Honest Stories, Laura Costas, Gut Punch Press

    The House of Special Purpose, John Boyne, Other Press

    How It Happens, Jean Alicia Elster, Wayne State University Press

    How to Be Lonely, Dave Mainelli, WSC Press

    Phototaxis, Olivia Tapiero, Nightboat Books

    The Rage of Achilles, Terence Hawkins, The Callliope Group

    This Ditch-Walking Love, James Braziel, Livingston Press

    Tooth of the Covenant, Norman Lock, Bellevue Literary Press

    What Isn't Remembered, Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry, University of Nebraska Press

  • Nonfiction Posted July 21, 2021

    Body Drop: Notes on Fandom and Pain in Professional Wrestling, Brian Oliu, The University of North Carolina Press

    A Body in Fukushima, Eiko Otake & William Johnston, Wesleyan Univesrity Press

    MW: An Essay on Jean Eustache's La maman et la putain, Matt Longabucco, Ugly Duckling Presse

    Nothing Special: The Mostly True, Sometimes Funny Tales of Two Sisters, Dianne Bilyak, Wesleyan Univesrity Press

    Occasional Views Volume 1: "More About Writing" and Other Essays, Samuel R. Delany, Wesleyan University Press

    Remainders of the American Century: Post-Apocalyptic Novels in the Age of US Decline, Brent Ryan Bellamy, Wesleyan Univesrity Press

    Rust Belt Femme, Raechel Anne Jolie, Belt Publishing

    Telephone: Essays in Two Voices, Julie Marie Wade, Cleveland State University Poetry Center

    We Were Always Here: A Mexican-American's Odyssey, Ricardo Chavira, Arte Publico Press

    Wings Over Water: The Late Notes of a Naturalist, Walt Franklin, Wood Thrush Books

    Writing the Novella, Sharon Oard Warner, University of New Mexico Press

  • Poetry Posted July 21, 2021

    Afterwards, Reagan Myers, Button Poetry

    Ariadne Awakens: Instructions for the Labyrinth, Laura Costas, Paycock Press

    Asked What Has Changed, Ed Roberson, Wesleyan Univesrity Press

    City of Skypapers, Marcela Sulak, Black Lawrence Press

    En Route, Jesse Wolfe, Cathexis Northwest Press

    Green Horses on the Walls, Cristina A Bejan, Finishing Line Press

    Hospice Plastics, Rachel Hinton, SEMO Press

    Irredenta, Oscar Oswald, Nightboat Books

    Kaddish: Before the Holocaust and After, Jane Yolen, Holy Cow! Press

    last confession, Frank Rossini, sight | for | sight books

    Lost Language, Faith Shearin, Press 53

    Magnified, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Wesleyan Univesrity Press

    The Man Grave, Christopher Salerno, Persea Books

    No Doubt I Will Return a Different Man, Tobias Wray, Cleveland State University Poetry Center

    No Small Comfort, Brian Simoneau, Black Lawrence Press

    O.B.B., Paolo Javier, Nightboat Books

    outside voices please, Valerie Hsiung, Cleveland State University Poetry Center

    Purple Perilla, Can Xue, Common Era Inc.

    Shreela Ray: On the Life and Work of an American Master, Ed. Kazim Ali & Rohan Chhetri, Gulf Coast

    Slow Sea Rising, Walt Franklin, Great Elm Press

    Tragic City, Clemonce Heard, Anhinga Press

    Tramping Solo, Fred Rosenblum, Fomite Press

    Waterfall Girls, Kimberly White, Clash Books

    West Portal, Benjamin Gucciardi, The University of Utah Press

    White Chick, Nancy Keating, Elixir Press

    You Better Be Lightning, Andrea Gibson, Button Poetry


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