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Magazines Received January 17, 2022


georgia review winter 2021The Georgia Review

Volume 75 Number 4, Winter 2021
The Georgia Review’s Winter 2021 issue is now available, with new writing from Morgan Talty, Victoria Chang, Cheryl Clarke, Ira Sukrungruang, Garrett Hongo, Edward Hirsch, and many more, as well a story by Maya Alexandrovna Kucherskaya translated from the Russian, two iconic speeches from the early years of the OutWrite literary conference, and the winner of this year’s Loraine Williams Poetry Prize. Learn more...


kaleidoscope winter spring 2022Kaleidoscope

Issue 84, Winter/Spring 2022 online
In this issue, we see a common thread of resilience. Humor and an appreciation for the little things are along for the ride. Featured essay by Kavitha Yaga Buggana. Featured art by Sandy Palmer. Fiction by Kelly A. Harmon, Lind McMullen, and Courtney B. Cook; a personal essay by Jackie D. Rust; creative nonfiction by Judy Kronenfeld, Laura Kiesel, Kristin LaFollette, and Tereza Crvenkovic; and a book review by Nanaz Khosrowshahi. Poetry by Alan Balter, Lucia Haase, John Dycus, Linda Fuchs, Diane S. Morelli, Alana Visser, Wren Tuatha, and T.L. Murphy. Learn more...


kaleidoscope winter spring 2022Kenyon Review

January/February 2022
The Jan/Feb 2022 issue of the Kenyon Review features the winners of our 2021 Short Fiction Contest: Ted Mathys, Sam Zafris, Rachel L. Robbins, and Malavika Shetty; stories by Vanessa Chan, Lan Samantha Chang, Drew Johnson, and Joanna Pearson; essays by Melissa Chadburn, Beth Ann Fennelly, and Alice Jones; and poems by Ruth Awad, Cameron Awkward-Rich, Traci Brimhall, Katie Hartsock, Cate Marvin, Maggie Millner, Michael Prior, Natasha Sajé, and Joan Wickersham. Learn more...


massachusetts review winter 2021 The Massachusetts Review

Volume 62 Number 4, Winter 2021
This special issue is dedicated to the climate crisis and those being destroyed and changed by it. Work by Shailja Patel, Vanessa Place, Omar El Akkad, Rick Bass, Alex Kuo, CAConrad, Barry Lopez, Laura Dassow Walls, Craig Santos Perez, Salar Abdoh, Brian Turner, Lisa Olstein, Joseph Earl Thomas, Khairani Barokka, Amitav Ghosh, Marta Buchaca, Mercedes Dorame, Rob Nixon, Gina Apostol, Lehua M. Taitano, Johannes Göransson, Austyn Wohlers, Christopher Ayala, Fabio Deotta, Derek Sheffield, Alexis Orgera, Xavier Navarro Aquino, Soheil Najm, Sarah E. Vaughn, and Jeannine Hall Gailey Learn more...


syncopation winter/spring 2022Syncopation Literary Journal

Read Volume 1, Issue 1 for Free!
Syncopation Literary Journal amalgamates the realms of literature and music. Volume 1, Issue 1 is now available to read on the website for FREE! The first issue contains book excerpts, poetry, creative nonfiction, short stories and flash fiction penned by writers and musicians from around the world. Titles of pieces in issue include: "The First Time I Heard Leonard Cohen", "Memphis, Tennessee", and "I've Got the Blues." To read Volume 1, Issue 1, visit our website:




Volume 69 Number 2, 2021         


Magazines Received January 10, 2022

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cut leaf issue 2 number 1Cutleaf

Issue 2 Number 1, January 2022 online
In our first issue of 2022, Ben Kaufman searches for the ghost in the machine as he questions the way language and meaning changes through time in “Unknown Caller.” Pauletta Hansel views various effects of trying to live as the marrow in someone else’s bones in three poems beginning with “So Maybe It’s True.” And George Singleton shares the story of a boy named Renfro who wants only to earn his driver’s license and to reconcile his odd parents in “Here’s a Little Song.” The images in this issue are the work of Giovanni Battista Bracelli, a 17th century Italian engraver and painter working in Florence. Learn more...


iowa review spring 2021The Iowa Review

Issue 2 Number 1, January 2022 online
In this issue: a shrinking house, winter ticks, COVID, Burning Man, Alexander Pope, crisis, spies, a plane crash, wars, Sandy Koufax, and more. Poetry by Stella Wong, Gilad Jaffe, Camille Guthrie, Maxine Scates, Steffi Drewes, and more; nonfiction by Carol Guess & Rochelle Hurt, Ellis Scott, Greg Wrenn, Amy V. Blakemore, and Andrea Truppin; and fiction by Tameka Cage Conley, Ashley Hand, Suphil Lee Park, Jerri Bell, David Lombardi, and more. Art by Molly Wood. Learn more...


plume january 2022Plume

Number 125, January 2022 online
This month’s featured selection: “On Long Poems, Lyric Sequences, and ‘Cop’”; An interview with Connie Voisine by Amanda Newell. Mark Wagenaar reviews Carmine Starnino’s Dirty Words. In nonfiction: “Reading the Qur’an with Rumi” by Amer Latif. This month’s poetry contributors include Ira Sadoff, John Hodgen, Katja Gorečan, Pablo Piñero Stillmann, Bhisham Bherwani, Kelli Russell Agodon, Brendan Constantine, and more. Learn more...


ruminate fall 2021Ruminate

Issue 60, Fall 2021
The writers and artists whose work makes up Ruminate issue 60 probe the imagery and metaphor of being at sea. Included are Devon Miller-Duggan’s poem, “Perhaps a Prayer for Surviving the Night” and Peggy Shumaker’s “Gifts We Cannot Keep.” George Choundas’s engrossing story, “Katingo Carried 15,980 Tons and Gentleman,” transports us to the world of those who live and work on cargo ships. And O-Jeremiah Agbaakin’s poem, “landscape with broken ekphrasis,” muses on the image of the last ship that brought enslaved people to the United States. This issue features the winning story from our 2021 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize. Learn more...


snapdragon winter 2021Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing

Issue 7 Number 4, Winter 2021
Our last issue of the year, featuring the last two stages of the grief cycle. Filled with poetry, creative nonfiction and photography by featured photographer Guilherme Bergamin. Learn more...



Against the Current

Number 216, January/February 2022

The Gay & Lesbian Review

January-February 2022


Magazines Received January 03, 2022

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big muddy volume 21Big Muddy

Volume 21, 2021
This issue of Big Muddy includes work by Brian Baumgart, August B. Clark, Charlotte Covey, Mark Fabiano, Doris Ferleger, Spencer Fleury, Jennifer Gravely, Ian T. Hall, D.E. Kern, Bronson Lemer, Paul Luikart, Leah Mccormack, Matt Mcgowan, Luke Rolfes, Rosalia Scalia, Christine Stewart-Nuñez, Katie Strine, Rachel Tramonte, Carol Tyx, Christian Vazquez, Daniel Webre, Adam D. Weeks, Holden Tyler Wright, and Kirby Michael Wright. Learn more...


cleaver issue 36Cleaver Magazine

Issue 36, Winter 2022 online
Our Wintry Mix. Creative nonfiction by Bree Smith, Dhaea Kang, Christine Muller, Benedicte Grima, and Virginia Petrucci; flash by Eliot Li, Gabriella Souza, Cassie Burkhardt, and others; fiction by Amy Savage, Kim Magowan, and Maggie Hill; poetry by Peter Grandbois, Kelley White, Brenda Taulbee, and more; visual erasures by Katrina Roberts; and photographs by Natalie Christensen. Cover design by Karen Rile. Learn more...


driftwood press issue 9 number 1Driftwood Press

Issue 9 Number 1, 2021 online
Our latest short stories "Wing Breaker" by Rachel Phillippo and "Spanish Soap Operas Killed My Mother" by Dailihana Alfonseca take you from brutal arctic traditions to the cultural traumas of migrants in America. This issue also collects some of the most insightful and harrowing poetry being written today; these poems delve into illness, motherhood, religious pressure, and much more. Wrapping up the issue are visual arts and comics by Io Weurich, Kelsey M. Evans, SAMO Collective, Jim Still-Pepper, Andrew White, Kimball Anderson, & Casey Jo Stohrer. Learn more...


the lake january 2022The Lake

January 2022 online
The January issue is now online featuring Gale Acuff, Marianne Brems, Frand De Canio, George Freek, Judith O’Connell Hoyer, Todd Mercer, Maren O. Mitchell, Ronald Moran, Pesach Rotem, Gant Tarbard, Rodney Wood. Review of Laura Kolbe’s Little PharmaLearn more...


prime number magazine issue 211Prime Number Magazine

Issue 211, January-March 2022 online
Happy New Year from everyone at Press 53 and Prime Number Magazine! In our new issue, you’ll find the judges for the 2022 Prime Number Magazine Awards for Poetry and Short Fiction; winners of our monthly 53-word Short Story Contest for October, November, and December; our 2021 nominees for the Pushcart Prize, poetry selected by LaWanda Walters; fiction selected by Michael Beadle; four authors highlighted in the Press 53 Spotlight; and the guest editors for Issue 227. Learn more...


shore poetry issue 12The Shore Poetry

Issue 12, Winter 2021 online
This winter's new issue of The Shore marks our third full year of publication! In it is glistening poetry by Shannon K. Winston, Marlo Starr, Lynne Ellis, Kyle Vaughn, Eunice Lee, Lauren K. Carlson, Fatima Jafar, Taiwo Hassan, Stefanie Kirby, Charles Hensler, Simon Perchik, Stephen Ruffus, Kathryn Knight Sonntag, Amy Williams, Meghan Kemp-Gee, Matthew Murrey, David Dodd Lee, Lorrie Ness, Julia Schorr, Jake Bailey, Katie Kemple, C.C. Russell, Adam Deutsch, Nick Visconti, Andrea Krause, Sam Moe, Patrick Wright, Brittney Corrigan, Alex C.Eisenberg, Liane Tyrrel, Lindsay Stewart, Natalie Marino, Mary Morris, Rhienna Renée Guedry, James Miller, Terry Ann Wright, Roy White, William James, Mary Rose Manspeaker, Kelly Grace Thomas, Daniel Biegelson, Michael Quattrone & Abu Bakr Sadiq. Art by Shannon Ryan. Learn more...


wordrunner echapbooks issue 44Wordrunner eChapbooks

Issue 44, Winter 2021 online
We are pleased to announce publication of Wordrunner eChapbooks' 44th issue, our Winter 2021 fiction echapbook: Arrest, Stories by Lazarus Trubman. A riveting and grimly comic collection, Arrest is the account of a Moldavian-Jewish dissident's interrogation by the KGB, subsequent imprisonment in a labor camp, and a difficult emigration from the former Soviet Union with his family. The author's life is the source for this fiction, narrated by a character named Trubman, a survivor scarred by his experience who finds a new home in the USA. Learn more...


world literature today january 2022World Literature Today

Volume 96 Number 1, January 2022
Muscogee writer Cynthia Leitich Smith headlines the January 2022 issue with a reflective essay on “Decolonizing Neverland” in YA lit. Also inside, Fowzia Karimi finds a “small flame” of hope in Afghanistan, while other essays survey Vanuatu women writers, China’s minority fiction, and the new Van Gogh exhibition at the Dalí Museum. Additional highlights include interviews with African writers Masiyaleti Mbewe and Henrietta Rose-Innes, fiction from Iran and Japan, and poetry from Colombia, Ivory Coast, and Siberia. As always, more than twenty book reviews—plus recommended reads and other great content—make the latest issue of WLT, like every issue, your passport to great reading. Learn more...


writing disorder winter 2021/22The Writing Disorder

Winter 2021/22 online
Winter is upon us and so is the new issue of The Writing Disorder. Find “Aesthetic Transmissions,” an interview with Robert Hass by George Guida; fiction by Robert Boucheron, Inez Hollander, Justin Reamer, Jeff Underwood, and more; poetry by Holly Day, Ash Ellison, Jonah Meyer, Bruce Parker, Frederick Pollack, and Kate Porter; nonfiction by Joan Frank, Donna Talarico, and Emilio Williams; and art by Nick Bryant. Learn more...



Topical Poetry

Issue 22, January 2022 online


Magazines Received December 20, 2021

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cutleaf issue 23Cutleaf

Issue 23, December 2021 online
Cutleaf celebrates the end of our first year with this all-nonfiction issue featuring three must-read essays. Elise Lasko speculates on the potential for relapse into old habits while imagining her mother’s death and funeral, in "Relapse Fantasy." Carter Sickels realizes that "the universe keeps moving, surprising you with what it drops in your path," in "Rescued." Greg Bottoms recounts how his father and grandfather expressed—or didn’t express—emotion, in "One Summer Morning." The images in this issue—"spirit photographs"—were taken by controversial medium William Hope who became interested in spirit photography after capturing the supposed image of a ghost while photographing a friend. Learn more...


glass mountain fall 2021Glass Mountain

Volume 27, Fall 2021 online
Volume 27 is now available with art by Isabella Celentano, David Dodd Lee, Weining Wang, Emily Fannin, Nicole Choi, and more; poetry by Jose Wilson, Tom War, Tobias Tegrotenhuis, David Romanda, Riley Morrison, Annie Martin, Delaney Kelly, Ambrose Day, and Lorelei Bacht; and prose by Amber Barney, Nicole Collingwood, Devan Hawkins, Haley Herzberg, Hannah Lindsay, Khalid McCalla, Adia Muhammad, Elena Negrón, and Beatrix Zwolfer. Plus the winners of the Robertson Prize. Learn more...


the louisville review fall 2021The Louisville Review

Volume 90, Fall 2021
The Louisville Review, Volume 90, Fall Edition is the 45th anniversary issue! It features poetry, fiction, non-fiction and children’s poetry from grades K-12. Poetry: Susan Ayres, Christopher Buckley, Claudia Buckholts, Elsa Cross, Olga-Maria Cruz, Angela D’Ambra, Andrea Doll, Regina Derieva, Marcia L. Hurlow, and more; nonfiction by Sarah Gorham, Corie Neumayer, and Jonathan Weinert; fiction by Jeff McLaughlin, Neema Muneer, Tony O’Keeffe, Erik Peters, Seth Brady Tucker, Nadeem Zaman, and others; and K-12 poetry by Mary Shea Ballantine, Cindy Chen, Audrey Kim, Andy Li, Yunzhong Mao, Julia Multer, Dana Serea, and Sophia Y. Zhang. Learn more...


missouri review fall 2021 Missouri Review

Volume 44 Number 3, Fall 2021
How Did I Get Here? Inside: Poetry by Jessica Garratt, Rebecca Lehman, Maggie Queeney, and Joe Wilkins. Stories and essays by Jason Brown, Morris E. Hartstein MD, Kristen Iskandrian, Judith Claire Mitchell, Devin Murphy, Clare Needham, and David M. Sheridan, with features on Barbette and Duchamp, and a review of new and recent Southern writing from Sam Pickering. Learn more...


new england review volume 42 number 4New England Review

Volume 42 Number 4, 2021
Last year at this time we released our first issue dedicated to emerging writers, and now with 42.4 we’ve done it again. While this issue offers up the range of voices, genres, and styles New England Review promises every quarter, this time that mission is accomplished by writers who won’t be recognizable to most readers, that is, they’ve not yet published a book or full-length collection. Fiction by Scott Broker, Katherine Damm, Bo Lewis, and others; nonfiction by Hanh Hoang, Daniel Kennedy, J. T. Price, and more; Liliana Ponce translated by Michael Martin Shea; cover art by Tim Fitts; and poetry by Emma Aylor, Margaret Kaplan, Hera Naguib, Leslie Sainz, Shelley Wong, and more. Learn more...


still point arts quarterly winter 2021 Still Point Arts Quarterly

Issue 44, Winter 2021
The Winter 2021 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly is here, available digitally and in print. The theme of this issue is Ruins. It includes the work of roughly fifty artists and writers from around the world. Work by Beebe Bahrami, Sandra Fees, Barbara Haas, J. R. Solonche, Zach Murphy, Jen Mierisch, Catherine MacKenzie, Jane Hertenstein, Mercury-Marvin Sunderland, Cici Grove, Terry Allen, Bob Royalty, Martin Willitts Jr., Kiss Moon, Andrew Ilachinski, Diane Danthony, Hall Jameson, and Carol McCord. Learn more...


still point arts quarterly winter 2021 Valley Voices

Volume 21 Number 2, Fall 2021
This issue’s Special Feature is “Beyond Illusory Space” by Albert Wong, who is also interviewed by John Zheng. Lauri Scheyer interviews Lenard D. Moore. In Haibun & Tanka Prose: Rich Youmans, Keith Polette, Ce Rosenow, and Terri L. French. Poetry by Elizabeth Burk, Ambrielle Butler, Andrea DEeken, Theodore Haddin, Charlene Langfur, Ann Lauinger, George Looney, Ted McCormack, Adam Moore, Steve Myers, Dan Pettee, Margo Taft Stever, and Jason Visconti. Prose by Ruth Ann Dandrea, Don Kirksey, Nathan Leslie, Junying Jia, and Richard Leise. Plus five book reviews. Learn more...


In These Times

Volume 46 Number 1, January 2022

Rivanna Review

Issue 2, December 2021

Topical Poetry

Issue 21, December 2021 online



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