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Magazines Received October 11, 2021


bitter oleander autumn  2021 The Bitter Oleander

Volume 27 Number 2, Autumn 2021
Our Autumn 2021 issue is our very last issue and features the poetry of Alice Pettway who is interviewed at length about her poetry and her travels by our editor. Also included in this issue are short fiction pieces by Sergey Gerasimov, Nathan Greene, Amanda Jayne, Bruce Lawder, and Alexis Levitin. In addition there are translations from the poetry of Martín Camps, Lêdo Ivo, Luís Miguel Nava, Enriqueta Ochoa, Daniela Nazareth Romero, and Maria Wine. Rounding out the issue are poems by Steve Barfield, David Chorlton, Stephanie Dickinson, Rob Cook, Serena Fusek, David Edward Moore, Lara Gularte, Stuart Sheppard, Patty Dickson Pieczka, Martin Willits Jr., Silvia Scheibli, and others. Learn more...


brilliant flash fiction Brilliant Flash Fiction

September 2021 online
New flash fiction by Filip Wiltgren, Belinda Whitney, Quinn Forlini, Cade Hagen, Martin Penman, Sage Tyrtle, T.J. Fier, Jonathan Worlde, and Lisa Fox. Learn more...


cutleaf october 2021 Cutleaf

Issue 18, October 2021 online
In this issue, Daniel Leach delivers two poems from the South Carolina low country beginning with “the year after your father dies.” Lauren Green tells the story of a couple’s reconciliation trip after the husband’s affair is discovered in “My Life.” And noted essayist Chris Arthur reveals the joy and sometimes dark thoughts that are inspired by his page-a-day art calendar in “Picturing the Day.” The photographs in this issue come from Physical Training for Business Men by American author Harrie Irving Hancock. Learn more...


plume october 2021 Plume

Number 122, October 2021 online
This month’s featured selection: Christopher Buckley on “Naming the Lost: The Fresno Poets” with an interview by Nancy Mitchell. Sonia Greenfield reviews Sean Thomas Dougherty’s Not All Saints. In nonfiction: “The Solotaroff Protocol” by David Kirby. Poems by Carolyn Wright, Peter Johnson, Hailey Leithauser, Katharine Rauk, Nin Andrews, Ellen Bass, Carol Potter, and more. Learn more...


ruminate fall 2021 Ruminate

Issue 60, Fall 2021
The writers and artists whose work makes up Ruminate issue 60 probe the imagery and metaphor of being at sea. Whether it is being at sea in the waiting to find out if a beloved will survive, as in Devon Miller-Duggan’s poem, “Perhaps a Prayer for Surviving the Night. Or as in Peggy Shumaker’s “Gifts We Cannot Keep.” George Choundas’s engrossing story, “Katingo Carried 15,980 Tons and Gentleman,” transports us to the insular and particular world of those who live and work on cargo ships. And O-Jeremiah Agbaakin’s poem, “landscape with broken ekphrasis,” muses on the image of the last ship that brought enslaved people to the United States. Learn more...


woven tale press september 2021 The Woven Tale Press

Volume 9 Number 8, September 2021 online
This issue of The Woven Tale Press features Matthew Bollinger, Erin Cone, Mary E. Croy, Daniel Featherstone, Paul Hostovsky, Jason Leadingham, Susannah Lee, Hadley Rittgers, Eric Robitaille, Gale Rothstein, and David Shields. Learn more...



Blue Collar Review

Summer 2021

Southwest Review

Volume 106 Number 3, Autumn 2021


Magazines Received October 04, 2021

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about place october 2021 About Place Journal

Volume 6 Issue 4, October 2021 online
Do we define the earth or does the earth define us? Robin Wall Kimmerer says that “The land knows us, even if we are lost.” In a time of extreme climate change, extreme consumption and mass migrations, we cannot continue to tell ourselves the same stories about the land. We need to tell ourselves a different story (or remember ones long lost) – one that honors and heals both the earth and ourselves. Gary Nabhan, ethnobiologist, calls this idea Restoryation. These new stories “can become a compass for us” in a time when everyone feels adrift and uncertain. Learn more...


about place october 2021 The Baltimore Review

The 2021 print collection of the poems, stories, and creative nonfiction published in The Baltimore Review's online issues is here. Work by Cara Lynn Albert, Francesca Bell, A. J. Bermudez, Gregory Byrd, Charlie Clark, Emily Rose Cole, M. M. De Voe, Jehanne Dubrow, Emily James, Joshua Jones, Meg Kearney, Cindy King, Tara Lynn Masih, Ed Meek, Susan Messer, Caroline Miller, Katy Mullins, Mike Nees, Adrian S. Potter, Star Su, Jeanette Tryon, John Van Kirk, Hannah Whiteman, Maria Zoccola, and many more. Learn more...



cleaver magazine fall 2021 Cleaver Magazine

Fall 2021
The Fall 2021 issue features creative nonfiction by E. A. Farrow and Tricia Park; fiction by Sarah Schiff, Frankie McMillan, Peter Amos, and more; a visual narrative by Emily Steinberg; flash by Suman Mallick, Alex Juffer, Sarah Freligh, Kelly Gray, Gay Degani, Chelsey Clammer, and others; poetry by Sara Mae, John Cullen, Danny Cooper, Melody Wilson, Tingyu Liu, and Tom Laichas; and collages by Sherry Shahan and Chris Vaughan with the issue’s cover design by Karen Rile. Learn more...



 leaping clear fall 2021 Leaping Clear

Fall 2021 online
We’re delighted to welcome you to the fifth-year anniversary edition of Leaping Clear! We invite you to enjoy the many manifestations of visual art, music, and writing. Music by Roseminna Watson; photography/video by Carla Brennan, Izumi Tanaka, Zangmo Alexander, and more; poetry by Alison Luterman, Jane Hirshfield, Jody Gladding, Susan Harvey, and others; essays by Mary Lane Potter and Stephen Batchelor; and visual art by Anna Oneglia, Christy Rupp, Lorraine Capparell, Rosalyn Driscoll, Stephanie Peek, Stephanie Suter, Suiko McCall, and more. Learn more...


massachusetts review fall 2021 The Massachusetts Review

Volume 62 Number 3, Fall 2021
This issue features nonfiction by Carolyn Kuebler, fiction by Jeannie Tseng, and poetry by Jane Huffman and Eugenia Leigh. Plus work by Laura Levitt, Ben Sakoguchi, Seulmi Lee, Julia Thacker, Alex Mouw, Natasha Lvovich, Fran Yu, Kevin Prufer, Esteban Oloarte, Amy Shea, Virginia Konchan, and more. Learn more...


poetry october 2021 Poetry

Volume 219 Number 1, October 2021
The October issue of Poetry features work by Destiny O. Birdsong, Maya Salameh, Anni Liu, Lindsay Sletten, Stevie Edwards, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Kitchen McKeown, Anuradha Bhowmik, Allyson Paty, Aubrey King, Arthur Sze, Yasmine Ameli, Julie Carr, Mai Der Vang, Carlina Duan, L.A. Johnson, E.J. Koh, and Teresa Pham-Carsillo. Learn more...


world literature today autumn 2021 World Literature Today

Autumn 2021
Translation takes the spotlight in WLT’s autumn issue, which—for the first time in its ninety-five-year history—is entirely devoted to the craft that makes world literature possible: every poem, story, essay, interview, and Notebook/Outpost contribution has been translated into English, and the entirety of the book review section is likewise dedicated to translated books. Highlights from the reviews include new books by Mayra Santos-Febres, Anne Carson, and Minae Mizumura, and the issue also include a list of not-to-be missed translations published in 2021. With its focus on linguistic diversity, WLT remains your go-to guide for the best in international literature. Learn more...


writing disorder fall 2021 The Writing Disorder

Fall 2021 online
The Fall 2021 issue of The Writing Disorder features fiction by Tori Bissonette, Ethan Klein, Sarah Terez Rosenblum, Marcia Bradley, Justin Meckes, Carolyn Weisbecker, Paul Garson, and Austin McLellan; poetry by Milton P. Ehrlich, Travis Stephens, Maria Marrocchino, Jordyn Taylor, Mikayla Schutte, and Kim Zach; and nonfiction by Jamie Good, Ruth Heilgeist, Graeme Hunter, and JoAnne E. Lehman. Plus art by Amy Earls and an interview with Pauline Butcher Bird. Learn more...




Issue 28, September 2021 online
Proudly featuring poetry and prose by Kirstin Allio, Rose Auslander, Lizzy Golda, Michael J. Henry, Ian U Lockaby, Jonathan Minton, Bryan D. Price, Rebecca Pyle, Max Ridge, Nathaniel Rosenthalis, and Marvin Shackelford; sculpture, installation, and photography by Robin Croft, Judith Henry, and Joan Tanner; and text + image by Sarah J. Sloat.

Willawaw Journal

Issue 13, Fall 2021 online
The many contributors, both familiar and new, have created a more somber collection than usual, following after Tom Sexton’s “On the Death of Seamus Heaney.” You will find a richness of homage, elegy, and lament, with a sprinkling of humor and the welcome light of Babette Barton’s artwork.


Magazines Received September 27, 2021

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the boiler issue 34 The Boiler

Issue 34, 2021 online
New nonfiction by Virginia L Wood; fiction by Joe Baumann, Margaret Emma Brandl, Mialise Carney, Kathryn Holzman, and Yun Wei; and poetry by Sarah Ghazal Ali, Ruth Baumann, Flower Conroy, Jennifer Funk, Aeon Ginsberg, Bretty Hanley, Allie Hoback, Jenna Le, Fatima Malik, Noathan Spoon, travis tate, James Kelly Quigley, and more. Art by Claire Morales. Learn more...


gemini magazine september 2021 Gemini Magazine

Issue 34, 2021 online
The new issue of Gemini Magazine featuring the winners of the Poetry Open is now online. A sincere thank you to all who entered. James Henry Zukin of Los Angeles took top honors and the $1,000 award for "Gimp Boy and I." Beatrice Kujichagulia Greene won second prize for "Eyes (circa 1990)." Honorable mentions include work by Ana Wooldridge, Suzanne Chick, David Butler, and Tom Bixby. Learn more...


gettysburg review autumn 2021 The Gettysburg Review

Volume 33 Number 3, Fall 2021
With paintings by Jenny Brillhart, fiction by Jeff Frawley, Matthew Raymond, Kevin Breen, Kay Bontempo, and David Blanton; essays by Anne Kenner, Kathy Flann, and Phillip Hurst; poetry by Rosalie Moffett, Ann Keniston, Evan Blake, Lynn Domina, John McCarthy, D. S. Waldman, Diane Martini, James Harms, John Bargowski, Jill McDonough, Ed Falco, Jeffrey Harrison, Sharon Dolin, Danusha Laméris, Lance Larsen, Richard Lyons, Linda Pastan, Mark Kraushaar, Melissa Kwasny, and Nance Van Winckel. Learn more...


shore autumn 2021 The Shore

Issue 11, Autumn 2021 online
You will fall for the autumn issue of The Shore. It features moving and inventive poetry by Paige Sullivan, Julia Watson, Chris Cocca, Dhwanee Goyal, Paige Welsh, Caroline Plasket, Katie McMorris, Vismai Rao, Debarshi Mitra, Tatiana Clark, Abi Pollokoff, Sophia Liu, Mia Bell, Loisa Fenichell, Barbara Daniels, Julia McDaniel, Jennie E Owen, Melissa Strilecki, Corinna Schulenburg, Odukoya Adeniyi, David Donna, Robin Gow, Ben Bartu, Linds Sanders, Bill Neumire, Aaron Sandberg, Leah Claire Kaminski, Justin Lacour, AD Harper, Ellie Altman, Ben Kline, Catherine Rockwood, Rachel Small, Nancy Lynée Woo and Cady Favazzo. There is also haunting art by Kelsey Lefever. Learn more...


still point arts quarterly fall 2021 Still Point Arts Quarterly

Number 43, Fall 2021
"Living on the Water." Featured writers this issue include Jennifer Novotney, Tricia Gates Brown, Patricia B. Carley, Susan Emeline Bills, Marc Eichen, Jennifer Fearon, Katherine Hauswirth, Barbara Cole, Anthony Cordasco, Karen Bowers, Felecia Babb, Rachel Racette, Debbie Cutler, and Russel Rowland. Featured artists: Paul Polydorou, Jennifer Fearon, Christopher Warren, and Laura Ducceschi. Learn more...


tint journal fall 2021 Tint Journal

Issue 6, Fall 2021 online
The sixth issue of Tint Journal, the online literary magazine for English as a Second Language (ESL) writers, is here. The 24 new poems, short stories and essays in Tint Fall ’21 by writers identifying with 19 different nationalities and speaking 15 different mother tongues are just as diverse in their subject matter: Ranging from belonging, grief, labor and LGBTQ+ to abuse and trauma, they will cue the readers to think about the pressing issues of our time and open new literary landscapes for them to enjoy. Each text is accompanied with an original visual artwork and a brief Q&A with the writer. Learn more...


Black Warrior Review

Volume 47 Number 2, Spring/Summer 2021        


Issue 45, 2021
In the Dollar Store: Victoria Large, Jeff Harvey, Robert Allen, Robin Stratton, Paul Beckman, Catfish McDaris, Norman Minnick, Linda Ann Sanchez, Kayleigh Shoen, Marcelo Mesone, Liz DeGregorio, Wilson R. M. Taylor, and more.

In These Times

Volume 45 Number 10, October 2021     

Jelly Bucket

Issue 11, 2021
Don’t miss the latest issue, including special section: Black Lives Matter. This issue is the first in the new direction for Jelly Bucket, featuring an underrepresented/marginalized community with each issue. Our guest editor for the BLM section is Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon and features poetry and prose by Mary McLaughlin Slechta, Rasheena Fountain, and Matthew E. Henry, and others. The stunning cover art is by Israel Solomon.

Rivanna Review

Issue 1, September 2021

Topical Poetry

Issue 16, September 2021 online



Magazines Received September 20, 2021

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consequence volume 13Consequence

Volume 13, 2021
Volume 13 of Consequence journal is now available! We've undergone a number of major changes since our founder, George Kovach, passed away last year, but what hasn't changed in the least is our commitment to bringing you astounding prose, poetry, visual art, and translations that address the human consequences and realities of war and geopolitical violence. For this volume, that means we have jaw-dropping work from the likes of Jehanne Dubrow, Barabara Krasner, Clintel Steed, Sylvie Kandé, and many others. We are proud and excited to share this volume with you. Learn more...


cutleaf issue 17 Cutleaf

Issue 17, September 2021 online
Issue 17 is live. In this issue, Melissa Helton shares two poems beginning with “The Teenager Has Gone Witchy.” Hanna Ferguson uses food to recount important moments in her life in “An In-Progress Cookbook of Recipes That Stick to My Ribs.” And Joan Wickersham prepares for Halloween with the best of intentions in the short story “The Subterranean Calendar.” The images in this issue feature cyanotypes of British algae, produced by Anna Atkins (1799-1871), an English botanist and, some argue, the very first female photographer, most noted for using photography in her books on various plants. Learn more...


georgia review fall 2021 Georgia Review

Fall 2021
The Georgia Review’s Fall 2021 issue is now available for purchase. This issue features new writing from Stephanie Burt, Kwame Dawes, G. C. Waldrep, Rosa Alcalá, Aryn Kyle, and many more. Additional highlights in the issue include an essay by Darby Jo translated from the Korean, a story by Laila Stien translated from the Norwegian, and a can’t-miss art portfolio by Derek Fordjour, accompanied by an introduction and interview with the artist from GR Managing Editor C. J. Bartunek. Learn more...


hippocampus magazine Hippocampus Magazine

September/October 2021 online
Our latest issue went live last week, and we're so pleased to share it with you. Inside, you'll find essays and flash creative nonfiction by writers including: Sophie Scolnik-Brower, Morgan Eklund, Kathryn Fitzpatrick, Joey Garcia, Karen Green, Nita Noveno, Jess Payne, Sherry Shahan, Gary Smothers, Hannah Smothers, and Hillary Wentworth. Our new edition also features an articles section full of reviews, interviews, and columns. Learn more...


humana obscura fall winter 2021 Humana Obscura

Fall/Winter 2021
The latest issue of Humana Obscura is now available, and features work from 43 writers and artist from around the globe. Our cover artist is Retura Claar. This issue’s featured artist is Derrick Breidenthal, and our featured poet is Luke Levi. Also in this issue: poetry by Audrey Colasanti, Sam Sharp, J. P. White, Hugh Hughes, Elaine T. Stockdale, and more; prose by Jason Goldsmith and Waverly Woldemichael; and art by Buffy Davis, Sharon Becker, Katya Belena, Tiffany Wong, M. Russek, and others. Learn more...


rain taxi fall 2021 Rain Taxi Review of Books

Fall 2021
The new Fall 2021 issue is hard to miss with a stunning cover by Minnesota poet and artist Paula Cisewski! Inside, you’ll find interviews with poet Mervyn Taylor and talk radio host turned author Peter Werbe, a visit with Tessa B. Dick, a closer look at the legacy of Braiding Sweetgrass, and reviews of books by Joan Mitchell, Richard Wright, Geoff Dyer, Will Alexander, Duo Duo, N. H. Pritchard, Allison Bechdel, and many more! Check out the contents at our website. Learn more...


wordrunner echapbooks summer 2021 Wordrunner eChapbooks

Issue 43, Summer 2021 online
A novella in stories, these ten powerful and gritty, interlinked tales take readers inside an impoverished, drug-ridden central Florida neighborhood where the Collins family lives. The three children are being raised by their bartender mother while their father is in prison. The angry oldest son Phillip bullies his siblings—Daniel, who likes to try on his mama's clothes and lipstick, and little sister Tammy, wise beyond her years. Tammy has a crush on Angelo, a boy across the street whose multi-generation Puerto Rican family provides a contrast with the dysfunctional Collinses. Their next-door neighbor Marsha is both caretaker and predator. They are all hiding secrets from each other, yet despite cruelty and bullying, are loyal to their own. Learn more...


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